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Meet The Team

Having spent her childhood in beautiful Norway, Camilla decided to leave the knitted Christmas jumper and Nordic Noir lifestyle behind in her early twenties and embark on new adventures. Her passion for the theatre brought her to London, where she soon started gaining valuable experience as an actress, producer and voice over. Amongst the more amusing highlights in Camilla's career are working with Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher on the cult BBC3 comedy show 'Snuff Box', trying out her meteorological skills in the 'Weather in Norwegian' bulletin on Live TV and imitating animal sounds for a range of Fisher Price baby toys. Ever Since Chatterbox Voices was born in 2012, her lovely colleagues have made sure Camilla gets her required daily dose of giggles.

JOANNA SHIOKKA Project Manager and Agent

Joanna has always loved working in the Media sector. With her highly skilled background, ranging from drama and theatre/cinema reviewing to production and post-production, she finally ventured into the voice over field. After 4 years of working in the voice over market she was swept away by Chatterbox who included her into their family. When Joanna isn’t training for a 10k or half marathon or enjoying her Zumba sessions at the gym she is scheduling and sorting out voice overs for clients and looking after Chatterbox' many voices. Her love for negotiating is where her passion lies and making sure the voices are paid fairly is something that is also close to her heart. Joanna is thrilled to be working for the boutique sized company and close knit unit which is Chatterbox and will continue to progress in her career as an agent.

MIA SUTTON Finance Manager

Mia has copious amounts of experience in her field! After finishing college in her teens, she set sail on her career as a managing accountant, starting off with advertising companies then branching out to the audio industry. She has been a firm member of the Chatterbox team from the very start, managing our accounts with a keen eye for detail. Outside of work she spends a lot of time with and visiting family, but in her spare time you’ll find Mia practicing on her pool table or cheering at the darts!

We also have a range of children's voices in several languages on our books, including English, French, German and Spanish. Voice samples available upon request.